Quick create expenses and invoices

Quick capture in IRIS KashFlow uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read text from images and documents to simplify creating expenses, purchase invoices and sales invoices. OCR allows users to upload a document, set the type, and then IRIS KashFlow extracts the data required to complete the details.

With real-time data extraction and a high confidence threshold for accuracy, enjoy a smarter, faster and more efficient way of handling your documents.


  • NEW - Remove or add an individual line item when using split line view.

  • Split multiple line invoices into separate items.

  • Use your smartphone or tablet camera for seamless capturing.

  • Efficiently create new supplier and customers with ease.

  • Auto-completes missing totals, including net, VAT, and gross amounts.

  • Manage non-GBP documents with absolute ease, showcasing currency and exchange rates clearly.

  • The Confidence Score feature, ensures all records are always accurate.

  • With Accountants' controls, you can effectively oversee your clients' receipt capture functionality in IRIS KashFlow Connect.

  • Accommodates VAT reverse charge and SA103 disallowed expense requirements.

  • Project support inclusive, for thorough management.

  • Supports default VAT rates, purchase and sales codes for suppliers and customers.

  • New invoices captured, attached and ready to be emailed in moments.

Integration between IRIS KashFlow and Dropbox is required to save uploaded images.

Captures are limited to 30 per month for Starter package users.