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Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

This is not a legal document; the scope of this document is to guide customers on how their engagement with IRIS Service will work. Target response and resolution times quoted here may vary from some customer contracts.

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How do I initiate support?

We currently have three support channels available to you.

What hours are support available?

Our online Knowledge Base and Customer Service Community are available 24/7. Chat and Telephone support channels are available during our standard support hours of 9am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

The helpdesk is closed on UK public holidays and open until 13:00 on the last working day prior to Christmas day.

What target response and resolution timescales should I expect?

Priority Response Frequency of update
P1. Critical 1 Hour Daily until resolution.

These tickets need immediate resolution, examples include:

  • BACS deadline imminent.

Please contact the helpdesk to raise this Priority.

P2. High 1 hour After 3 days, daily until resolution.

These tickets need resolving quickly but not immediately, examples include:

  • Problem affects numerous users or employees.

    Unable to open pay run and BACS deadline a few days away.

P3. Medium By end of day After 7 days, weekly until resolution.

Most tickets fall under this category and whilst a resolution is required, generally a workaround is available.

P4/P5. Low 24 hours Monthly until resolution.

Has no impact on payroll processing or system administration. For example, can the system run a report that does ‘XYZ’?

The Helpdesk will assess the given priority and amend as required, if it does not match the requirements.

Our SLA clock is paused when we are waiting for a customer response. e.g., Case status = On Hold. You can see the case status in the community.

Ticket resolution

In order to resolve any issue, the Helpdesk will try to reproduce it and will ask for as much detail as you can provide, including key strokes prior to the issue happening or screen shots (which should be sent securely). If the issue can be reproduced on your version of the software but not on the latest version, then it will be recommended that you upgrade.

The aim is to investigate all issues thoroughly and endeavour to resolve them as quickly as possible. If unable to resolve an issue a workaround can hopefully be provided to use until a resolution can be provided. A workaround is often just a different method of achieving the same result.

If the issue can be reproduced on the latest version, it may be necessary to escalate to the Development team for further investigation.

Nominated persons

You should nominate at least one person (and a deputy for absences) who will oversee your use of your Payrite application and be the main Helpdesk contact. This is usually a person in the Payroll or HR department.

Sometimes, it will be necessary for technical instructions to be carried out, so you should also appoint someone who understands your computer set-up and network architecture, such as a member of your IT department.

Data requests

To ensure compliance with our GDPR obligations Iris uses a secure file transfer system to send and receive all data, including screenshots, to and from the Helpdesk.

If a copy of your data is required, it can be uploaded on to our secure file transfer system. You will receive an email requesting that you upload your data, with instructions of how to do so. Once your ticket has been resolved the data will then be deleted.

Connecting remotely – Zoho Assist

In some circumstances, a remote connection to your system may be requested to reproduce the issue and try to identify any likely causes, it can also help provide the fastest response to a critical issue. The software that we use for remote support is available for all clients. We use a product called Zoho Assist.

On request of using this, we will ask you to connect to your internet browser and enter a URL of https:\\ On entry to the site you will be asked for a session ID which the helpdesk agent will be able to give you. On entering this, the product will ask you to download and run a program to your machine.

On entry the agent will be able to watch the user demonstrate the issue, rather than being dependant on a written or verbal description.

During the session you can revoke access at any time. All remote access is automatically revoked at the end of the session.

Due to the Security and Technical policies that IRIS have in place at this time, we cannot use any other screen share providers, as they have not be assessed and therefore we cannot guarantee that they are secure within our communication environment.

Development escalation

During investigation, the issue may require further involvement at a programmer level, to progress this issue the call will be escalated to a member of our Development team. The Helpdesk will liaise with Development and provide feedback to the client as and when it is received. If the client requires any additional update, they can call the Helpdesk with the relevant ticket number.

If it is established that there is an issue within the system, then you will be contacted and updated

It is at this stage you will be advised when to expect a resolution. It may be necessary for an issue to wait for the next major software release, rather than being fixed in a service pack. Likely reasons for this include:

  • The issue is cosmetic in nature - spelling mistakes or help text errors.

  • The issue requires a change to the master files - software master files cannot be updated via a service pack so these must wait until the next release.

  • The new release is almost ready - if a new version of our software is due to be released in the next month or two, a fix may be delayed until the new version is ready.

Data backups

Your IRIS Payrite Application is very reliable but, it is still essential that you perform regular backups so that in the event of a major failure, data and/or programs can be restored, thereby minimising the risk to your business.

Taking regular backups of your data is good practice. If data corruption occurs, you may be requested to restore your latest backup. If you do not have a backup or it was taken a long time ago, you may have a lot of data to re-enter. Additional backups should be taken:

  • • Before importing data

  • Prior to performing bulk updates

  • Before making any other large/significant changes to your data

  • Prior to applying software updates to your Payrite application

  • Payroll year end, after all reports have been printed but prior to the yea end being closed off, ensuring you keep these for a period of time that is necessary.

It is worth asking your IT department if they periodically check the validity and integrity of the backups they make, there have been cases where backup media fails to restore.

Enhancement requests

Users are encouraged to submit new ideas that will help to keep Payrite at the forefront of the marketplace. Please contact the Helpdesk and they will review the existing enhancement list and add any appropriate suggestions.

Support exclusions

Use of the Helpdesk comes with purchase of the software and continuance of your appropriate licence or maintenance contract; however, there are some reasons why the Helpdesk may not be able to assist.


If you request assistance regarding a module you have not received training for, the Helpdesk may ask that you purchase training for this module before further support can be given. If an issue turns out to be a training need, then the Helpdesk will refer you to your Account Manager to obtain further details on the training courses that Iris provide. If emergency training is required then this can be provided at our normal hourly rate, but once again the Helpdesk will need to refer you over to your Account Manager.


Helpdesk can only put forward suggestions regarding legislative issues that may apply to our products. If you have an issue with any legislation, whilst the Helpdesk will assist you as far as possible, they’ll suggest you speak to the relevant governing body to confirm any legislative considerations regarding the issue you are reporting.


Our software uses the printer drivers that have been setup within Windows. Whilst the Helpdesk can help with setting printers up within our software, they are not qualified to offer advice on printer settings or printing issues within Windows itself.


Some issues can be caused by account permissions or security policies on your servers. There are ways that can help identify these kinds of issues by testing them:

  • Trying the same on a different computer

  • Signed into the network as someone else

  • Logged into the software as a different user

Helpdesk will endeavour to assist you as much as possible but retain the right to cease support on an issue when it has been proven that the issue is not within our software.


And outstanding invoice can result in a loss of support availability and the use of Payrite and its licence. If this occurs, you will be advised the next time you contact the Helpdesk. The invoice that has not been paid and any other details that can assist you, can be provided by our Accounts department. Alternatively, your annual maintenance may have expired. In both cases, an invoice should have been sent out at least a month before the amount was due.


Support will be withdrawn if a member of the Helpdesk team is subjected to any abusive or threateningbehaviour.


Our software often operates in conjunction with third party software products (such as Microsoft Office) the Helpdesk may offer advice, but the contract does not cover support on these products. If your data is stored in a third-party database (such as Microsoft SQL Server), then the maintenance and support of that database is the responsibility of your IT department/provider, however, the Helpdesk will attempt to help if an issue arises.