Known issues in IRIS Every Payroll

These are the current outstanding known issues, together with any workarounds available. You can also view fixed issues.

Estimated fix dates (ETA) are subject to change.

Issue: Standard 18 BACS Stands for Bankers' Automated Clearing Services. It's an electronic system for transferring money directly between bank accounts in the UK, often used for payroll. export is in the wrong format.
Information: If the transactional row is over 100 characters we are not truncating the file.
ETA*: Before august bank holiday.

Issue: BACS files created are not respecting bank holidays.
Information: This will be fixed before the BACS run on the bank holiday weekend.
ETA*: Before august bank holiday.
Severity: Medium

Issue: Employees who opt out of the pension scheme are not being refunded automatically.
Information: A manual refund can be made and if necessary the payroll can be re run once the issue has been corrected. It is important the refund matches any tax relief. (Not required for relief at source Basic rate tax relief(Most common with NEST) The pension is caculated after tax and NI. However, basic rate tax relief is applied to the deduction.. For example: NEST) .
ETA*: 30/05/24
Severity: Medium

We are actively working to resolve these issues and will release fixes as soon as possible. *ETA dates are subject to change.


Item Detail Fixed
P11D P11D is used by employers to report end-of-year expenses and benefits for employees who earned more than £8,500. Employees who receive Benefits in Kind (BiK) are entitled to an end of year report that outlines their benefits and expenses in the tax year. P11D report not exporting as pdf, and unable to email P11D. 16/05/24
401 Message The user is being logged out despite being active. 16/05/24
Payslips Payslips are rounding to 3 decimal places instead of 2. 30/01/24
Continuous service date If you enter a continuous service date, it is not saved. This can impact statutory calculations. 15/12/23
Employer Portal Employer Portal with Multi Schedules not allowing New Starter entry when one schedule is set to approval. 21/11/23
Journal Journal imbalance for pension refund. 06/11/23
Rollback Rollback state not editable when pension is included within the payroll run. 24/10/23


Severity Description


Large impact on employees and can impact the payroll run.


May take additional time to workaround or complete the payroll.


Should have a minimum impact on the day to day running of the software.

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