Install IRIS Earnie on a network

When installing onto a network location, environmental factors can influence the speed of the payroll depending on network conditions, the computer, other software running, background tasks, the size of the company and the number of employees you are processing.
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You can install the payroll software on multiple PCs, done on each computer separately. While you can install IRIS Earnie on as many workstations as you like, your IRIS Earnie licence determines how many concurrent users can log into payroll at any time. If you need additional users on your licence, please contact us.

You must preform an install or update on each computer. Do not attempt to run a network installation with any user logged into payroll.

There are a number of things to note when preforming a network install: 

  • Set-up a common location to hold the program data. You need to configure this as mapped network drive rather than a UNC path (i.e. "P:\payroll" as opposed to"\\serversbs\payroll\payroll"). You must configure the mapped network drive exactly the same on all PCs you wish to run IRIS Earnie. Do not run data from the root of the drive, create a sub folder on the mapped drive.

    The mapped drive must also be viewable using net use via the Command Prompt.

Do not install via a UNC path. If you are not sure, contact your IT department or supplier.

  • All users must have full access rights to the install folder.

Depending on your security and antivirus software, you may also need to configure exceptions and exclusions to the data location on both the local computers and the server. Refer to your system administrator for configuring permissions and security software.

  • Speak to your IT for help with this.

IRIS Earnie does not use a client/server install method, meaning no installation is necessary on the server directly. You install from each local computer pointing to a folder on a mapped drive. While not recommended, if you need to install and run IRIS Earnie on the server directly, it treats it like any installation. You must install payroll to a folder on a mapped drive. i.e. P:\Payroll, and you must map it to the exact location as other computers.