Creating a mapped drive via net use

Net use is a command line method of mapping network drives to your local computer and is available via the command prompt.

Run the command prompt as an administrator. Please speak to your IT department or service provider.

You can check if the mapped drive is listed:

  1. Run Command Prompt as administrator.

    To find the command prompt - open the start menu and start typing command prompt. Right click the mouse and select Run as administrator.

  2. Type NET USE and press enter.

  3. A list of current mapped drives will be displayed.

The full syntax for net use is available from Microsoft.


net use P: \\servername\folder /persistent:yes

The “/persistent” flag enables the mapping to remain after the computer reboots.

Quote characters (“\\servername\this is a folder”) need to be added if the path has a space.

You must install payroll in a folder on a mapped drive, i.e. P:\Payroll, and map it to the exact location on each user's computer.

IRIS Earnie does not use a client/server install method, meaning no installation is necessary on the server directly. You install it from each local computer pointing to a folder on a mapped drive. While not recommended, if you need to install and run IRIS Earnie on the server directly, it treats it like any installation.. You must install payroll to a folder on a mapped drive. i.e. P:\Payroll, and you must map it to the exact location as other computers.