Install IRIS Earnie on a single computer

Network Install
Looking to install IRIS Earnie on a network or multiple machines?
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Before you start:

  • Read ALL the steps.

  • Your Windows regional settings should always be English (United Kingdom).

    Check in Control Panel > Region and Language.

  • Ensure you run the installation on EVERY workstation where you want to access IRIS Earnie.

  • If you are installing to a Windows Vista PC, we recommend you avoid installing to a folder in C:\Program Files.

Installing your Payroll Software via download from the website

  • Before you start, ensure you close all your applications. If you have been running IRIS Earnie previously, we recommend you restart the PC.

    IRIS Earnie Exchequer Payroll Farmplan Payroll
    Download Download Download
  • Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. When asked to select a setup type, choose Install.

  • On the next screen, enter the location where you want IRIS Earnie to be stored, or accept the default of C:\payroll.

  • Confirm the setup details to start the installation/update process.

Installation Troubleshooting
Find the answers to common install issues
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