Customising the payslip

Each employer will have different requirements, therefore each employer is cutomised separately.

You have the option for each employer to add a logo and choose the items shown on both the printed and on screen payslip.

  1. Go to the My ePay Windowwebsite at

  2. Enter your registered username and password and select Login.

  3. Select the Employers menu.

  4. Your available employers are displayed.

  5. Select + to expand the details of an employer.

    Employer list

  6. Select Administration.

  7. Select Payslip Settings.

    You can change the payslip template.

    Payslip settings

    To add a logo:

    1. Select the box to browse for the image or drag the image into the box.

      Payslip logo 

    The image file should not exceed 500KB (to check the size: Right-click on the image in Explorer and select Properties)
    Recommended File formats: .JPG .PNG .GIF

    To choose the items displayed on the payslip:

    1. Toggle the required items within payslip data.

      Payslip Data

  8. Select Save.

Payslip Example: 

Example payslip