Known issues in IRIS HR Professional

This topic lists any outstanding known issues, together with any workarounds available. You can also view fixed issues.

We are actively working to resolve these issues and will release fixes as soon as possible.

Item Detail Date fixed
Mail Merge We are aware of an error mentioning Gainsight when trying to run a Mail Merge and are working on a fix. As a workaround, select the Cookie icon in the bottom left of the screen and select Reject Additional Cookies.  
Eternally linked content
We are aware of an issue where externally linked content such as images and videos are not displaying correctly in the system and are actively working on a fix.

Recruitment We are aware of an issue with Vacancies where the download link for Documents is erroring - we are working on a fix. 28/5/2024
Payroll sync The payroll sync for absence When an employee or worker is absent from work. This can be for a variety of reasons. records now occurs every 30 minutes instead of every 5. This is to improve performance. Once we have investigated and fixed the issues, we will revert the sync back to 5 minutes.  
Performance issues We are aware that some customers are reporting a reduction in performance speed when moving to different areas of the system, and we are currently investigating possible causes and solutions. We will update this page with further information when we have it.