Coming soon

Some of the features that we're working on:

IRIS Cascade

  • Occupational maternity and adoption pay: Adding the option to pay occupational element based on salary.

  • National Insurance payments: Adding ability to split payments for National Insurance over multiple periods when an employee misses the payroll cut off date.

  • Employee engagements: Giving admins the ability to publish messages and videos to users.

  • New DocuSign features: Adding the ability to track and manage your credits, and send documents in bulk.

  • Salary and pay updates: Allowing users to configure Payroll > Integration > Salary and Pay to recognise all salary and pay changes that have occurred since the last integration, and apply the correct pro-rata.

  • IRIS Cascade Assistant: Introducing a new way to access help information. Learn more about this project in IRIS Cascade Assistant.

  • Improvements to absence requests: Making it easier to enter absence details, reducing the chance of errors, and improving accessibility. Keep up to date with the latest updates in Improvements to absence screens.


  • Add approvals: Adding the ability to see and approve requests in MyCascade.

  • Employee screens: Users will be able to access their own data (My Details) with the same access rights as in IRIS Cascade.

Recently released

Some of our recently released features:

IRIS Cascade

  • Standard dashboards: Visual improvements to standard dashboard charts in HR, Payroll, Training, and Recruitment.

  • Improved pagination: New style of pagination across all employee list screens, improving loading speeds and efficiency.

  • Improvements to absence requests: Ongoing improvements including improved validations and more accurate page names and titles. Learn more in Improvements to absence screens.