Get started with the HR API

The IRIS HR API (Application Programming Interface) allows IRIS partners and customers to create business integrations easily and independently between their IRIS software and third-party or internal solutions.

IRIS HR API enables partners to create new opportunities and routes to market by allowing seamless transfer of HR data into workflows, processes, and systems.

About Swagger

The IRIS Development team has used Swagger Open API to document our RESTful API. The API is implemented as a RESTful web service over HTTPS using certain HTTP verbs. The response is returned in JSON format.

To gain access to the Swagger definition, refer to our Swagger site.

Making API calls to IRIS

To make API calls to IRIS, you must embed an access token into the header of each call. HR API tokens are generated using OAuth 2.0, in line with RFC6749. Find out more about OAuth 2.0.

You'll have received a Client Key and a Client Secret from IRIS in a separate email. You need these credentials to create an access token.

Each user has their own specific Client Key and Client Secret. Signing a request identifies the sender and prevents the request from being altered. 

The Client Secret is the equivalent of a password and should not be stored in plain text. Only store an encrypted version of the Client Secret to reduce the chance of it being compromised.