Add Users

LA Super User

You must add users to IRIS Looked After Call for an invitation to set up an account to be sent. Users can be added manually or imported.

Manually Add Users

  1. Go to Settings > Users.
  2. Select Add new user, enter the required details, then select Save.

    A user with the Designated Teacher User Role must be assigned to an organisation to determine the student details they can access.

  3. An email is sent to the user to set up their account.

    If the user's account Status is set as Inactive, they are unable to log in and set up their account.

Import Users

To import users in IRIS Looked After Call, you must create a CSV file with their details based on the type of user role they are being assigned.

You are unable to import users with different user types on the same import file.

  1. Go to Settings > Users.
  2. Select Bulk add users, then download the import template.
  3. Complete the required details for each user, then save the file as a .csv

    Column Heading User First Name User Last Name Job Title Email Phone School Reference Number (URN) Pupil Reference Number (URN)
    Mandatory - Yes or No Yes Yes No Yes No No No
    Notes       Must be unique within your IRIS Looked After Call account   Required to determine the students displayed to users with the Designated Teacher role. If unknown, enter 0

    Only used to assign a pupil for users that have Social Worker, LA User, or LA Super User roles. If the user is assigned to an organisation, you do not need to enter a UPN for each user


  4. Select the required user role from the Choose a user role for this import drop-down list, then select Choose file.
  5. Find and select the saved import file, then select Save.