What's new on the IRIS Service Community?

January 2024

We've added additional guidance to help customers who receive an invitation to access the IRIS Service Community log in for the first time.

June 2022

Content updates and improvements to the IRIS Service Community Help Centre.

Based on customer feedback, we have clarified and expanded on a number of areas throughout the Help Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are Frequently Asked Questions covering the following areas: 

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the IRIS Service Community Help Centre, please let us know by emailing us at content-design@iris.co.uk.@iris.co.uk.

December 2021

User interface changes

When creating a case from anywhere other than the Assets (Products) page, you can now select the asset from a drop-down list.

You can now resize the Case Description field when you create a case, log a Service Request or create a Technical Service Request. Select and drag the corner icon as required.

Case Description

Create a case for hardware

A new process has been implemented giving costumers the ability to create a case for hardware. If there are multiple installations, these will be listed as a child asset, you specify the hardware you wish to raise the case against using the serial number / or location.

It is important you notify the IRIS Service Team if an item of hardware is no longer in use or has been decommissioned.

A new case type - Technical Service Request (TSR)

A Technical Service Request (TSR) is an IRIS Cascade specific request. This is different to a Service Request.

November 2021

Assets (Products)

Assets have been renamed to Assets (Products). These are the software, services or hardware you have purchased from IRIS.

Support Entitlements

Entitlements have been renamed to Support Entitlements. Only users who have Support Entitlements enabled can contact the IRIS Service Team.