Run reports

Reports can be run by anyone who has the appropriate permissions. You will only be able to see the reports you have access to.

  1. Select Reports > View Reports from the menu.

    View Reports screen Practice Engine

  2. Navigate to the required report, then click the report name to run the report and display the results on a separate tab.

    Reports cannot be previewed in Internet Explorer. A message is displayed that includes a link to download the report.

  3. You can configure the report by selecting the Dates or Ranges tabs and selecting the required options.

Set report dates

If the report has date parameters, before running the report, you can click Settings and select Dates from the list. Alternatively, dates can be set once the report has been run, by selecting the Dates tab.

Report settings

Select the Start Year, Start Period, End Year, End Period for which dates you would like the report to run. These selections will automatically save. The chosen dates are retained as the default for any other report that is run.

Set report ranges

If the report has ranges available, before running the report, you can click Settings and select Ranges from the list. Alternatively, ranges can be set once the report has been run, by selecting the Ranges tab. If you want to add or edit the available ranges, see Set report properties.

A report can have up to 10 ranges, such as organisations. The available ranges are shown on the left and selected ranges on the right. Click the applicable buttons in the centre to add or remove ranges. Select the Preview tab to refresh the report with the amended ranges.

Parameters, grouping and filtering

Some reports may have parameters, grouping or filtering options associated with them. In these cases an additional Parameter tab will be displayed when the report is selected, enabling you to enter the required information, or select how you would like to see the information grouped or filtered. If you want to add or edit any of these areas of the report, see Set report properties.

Print the report

Reports can be printed from the Preview tab by clicking onto the Print button. A PDF dialog is displayed prompting you to open or save the report as a PDF. Once opened, the report can then be printed.

Email the report

Reports can also be emailed from the Preview tab by clicking onto the Email button. A dialog will be displayed allowing the user to enter the email addresses, subject and body. It is also possible to select standard email wording if has been set up.

Save the report

A report can be saved in PDF, XLS, DOC, TEXT or TIFF format by selecting the required option from the Save As list.

Export the report

You can also export the content of the report in CSV format by selecting Export Data from the Save As list. The report is exported and downloaded via your internet browser. You can also export a report before it is run by clicking the Export icon adjacent to the required report.

Export report in Practice Engine

Data-Type Reports

Sometimes, a report is so large that it cannot be viewed as a regular report. These reports are known as Data-Only reports. Selecting the Data-Only report from the View Reports list will prompt the file to download as a CSV. A Data-Only report is indicated in the Type column.