IRIS KashFlow Payroll

Information for HSC pension users (Northern Ireland only)
On 14th March 2024, HSC (Health & Social Care) Pension Scheme (NHS for Northern Ireland) announced late changes to the pension thresholds for the current year (2023/2024), with the instruction that these changes must be backdated for the entire year.

As these changes were announced so late, we have been unable to implement a function for IRIS Kashflow payroll to automatically assess and recalculate pension for affected employees, so this will need to be a manual procedure for users. The year end release will update the pension tier thresholds for 2023/2024, but any changes to employee rates would have to be made manually. View pension thresholds
HSC have advised that they anticipate few employees’ tier will change, and those that do will be due a refund for overpaid contributions, but the user will still need to check every employee in the scheme to establish if they are affected or not. View pension thresholds


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