Employee verification connector (EVC)

IRIS Earnie IQ

IRIS Payroll products integrate with Work Report™ by Experian so employees whose payrolls use IRIS Payroll software can be processed with instant verification of income and employment status.

Once Employee data is in EVC, each financial application an employee makes via ExperianWork Report™ requires the employee to provide specific consent before their data can be queried in EVC to support the application. This ensures they retain full control over who receives their data.

Bureau customers: As part of the GDPR, your customers need to understand what is happening with their data. You need to inform your customers of what the service is and how it can impact their employees. The employee and employer factsheets can help with this. 

Should your clients not wish to take the service they can opt out, either in bulk or at an individual level. See opt-out process per IRIS software product release notes

To find out how to opt a company out, select your product: 

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