Installation of Earnie IQ

This guide is primarily intended for Database Administrators (DBAs), IT Managers and any IT workers responsible for software installation. Anyone wishing to install Earnie IQ for the first time that does NOT have a technical background should consult their IT department, their dealer or EARNIE Support before proceeding.

Earnie IQ is a client server system, which means some of the product sits on the Server and the rest on the PC/Workstation you run it from, the Client. For Earnie IQ to function correctly both the server-side programs and the client PCs must be installed. The following diagram shows the basic Earnie IQ configuration.

The above diagram shows a separate file server and SQL server, however, on some smaller installations, these functions may operate from the same machine. Wherever they are on the network, the Reports, BACS Output and Clockin File folders must be accessible by both the SQL Server and the client machines.

  • We recommend you run Earnie IQ in its own instance of SQL Server and over a 100megabit network.

  • The name of your SQL Server instance MUST NOT contain the word ‘Database’.

  • Dot Matrix printers should be Epson compatible and laser printers should be HP compatible.

Advanced Server is a utility suite that is installed as part of the main Earnie IQ server side installation. One of the core functions of Advanced Server is to apply updates to existing company databases when the main Earnie IQ software is updated.

  1. System requirements

  2. New install preparation

  3. New server install

  4. New client install

  5. Post install

  6. Registration

  7. Troubleshooting