Use Global Changes to update Default Allowances

Changes made on the Holiday Set-Up screen will only affect NEW employees that you create after making these changes. To update existing employees, use Global Changes.

First, you must ensure you have a backup of your data which you can revert to if you run into any difficulties. Then:

  1. From the Tools menu select Global Changes.

  2. Use this screen to select the employees you wish to change. You can either leave the selection at All, or choose Select Now and then select individuals.

    Select this button to choose from a list of your employees:

Simply select each name to highlight them and choose OK when you are finished. Their names will appear in the Selection Criteria section of the screen. Alternatively, you can type directly into the Field, Condition, and Detail boxes to select by Department for example, or for more detailed selections, select SQL.

  1. Once you are happy with your selection, select OK.

  2. You will now see the Global Changes screen. There are three tabs, General, Rates and Pay/Deds. The fields you need to change are on the General tab.

    For each field, you need to select an Action and enter a Value. If you select the Action column, a drop-down list will appear containing the actions available to you. There may also be a drop-down in the Value column, if not, just type the Value you want directly into the grid.

    Field Description Action Value
    Holiday Period Overwrite Enter the default basis on which Holiday Pay is paid, H for Hours, D for Days, W for Weeks, M for Months.
    Enhanced Rate Entitlement Overwrite Enter the default amount of Enhanced Holiday Hours/Days/Weeks/Months the employee is entitled to.
    Holiday Allowance Overwrite Enter the default amount of Contractual Holiday Hours/Days/Weeks/Months the employee is entitled to.
    Holiday Rate Overwrite Enter the default rate at which Contractual Holiday is paid.
  3. When you are finished, select OK then Yes to make the changes.

  4. Select OK.

Other fields you may wish to change using Global Changes:

  • Contracted Hours per week

  • Contracted Days per week

  • Average Hours per week

  • Contract Type

  • Offset Basic from Holiday Pay

Unless all employees have the same entries for these fields, you will need to do a selection as described in step 2 of this section.