Transferring IRIS Earnie to a new PC

You will need some media to copy your data onto to move to the new PC, such as a USB memory stick.

Gather data from the original PC

  1. The first step is to get a copy of your data for transfer. Check where you store the program and data file in your current system. Go to Help> About IRIS Earnie to view the system information.

    The folders listed under Program and Data are the ones we need to copy. The location will be the same, in most cases, unless you have changed the default settings.

  2. Make a note of these folders and close IRIS Earnie.

  3. Now we know what to copy, from Computer or My Computer, browse to find the folder(s) as shown in the About IRIS Earnie window. When found, right-click on the folder and Copy.

  4. Paste the folder(s) onto the memory stick and go to Computer or My Computer. You should see on this menu your memory stick, right-click on this and Paste.

  5. Your data will copy over to the memory stick for transfer. Once the progress bar completes, remove the memory stick and take it to the new PC.

Copy Data to New PC

  1. Plug the memory stick into the new PC, open the Computer or My Computer menu and double-click on the memory stick to open the contents. Find the folder you copied onto the memory stick, right-click on this, then Copy. Go back to Computer or My Computer. Browse where you wish to save your payroll data, then right-click and Paste.

  2. Once copying is complete, you need to install IRIS Earnie to the folder you’ve just copied onto the new PC.

    IRIS Earnie Exchequer Payroll Farmplan Payroll
    Download Download Download
  3. Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. In the wizard, leave the default setting as is and select Next until asked for a location.

  4. Here you need to change the destination folder to match the one copied over from the old PC. Select Browse.

  5. In the list, find the folder you copied over, select it to highlight and choose OK

    Check the destination folder is now showing correctly:

  6. Continue to select Next and complete the installation.

Once finished, you can log into IRIS Earnie and pick up where you left off on the original PC.

“Data Files Cannot be Found at……”

If the file path has changed between the old and new PC, you need to point the software to the data file when you first open each company.

If you see the message Data files can not be located.

Select Yes. In the list, find the file xxxxDATA.MDB (xxxx is the company number for example, No.1 = 0001DATA.MDB), choose this and select Open.

The system will only show the correct data file for each company and will now set the new data location.