Short date format

If you receive date errors, check the region and language settings to ensure the short date format is set to dd/MM/yyyy.

Windows 10 has two locations to configure your PC region and language settings. Both of these need checking.

  1. Select Start then Settings.

    Windows 10 settings:

  1. From the settings windows, select “Time & Language“.

    Windows 10 Time and language:

  1. On the following window, ensure to set Country or region to United Kingdom. Select the option Additional date, time, & regional settings.

    Windows 10 country and region selection:

  1. On the following windows, select the option Change date, time or number format.

    Windows 10 control panel region and language settings:

  1. Ensure to set the format here to English (United Kingdom). You should see this then sets the short date format to dd/MM/yyyy.

    Windows 10 formats and preferences:

  1. Once these settings are in place, payroll will behave normally.