Your account

IRIS employs a wide range of tools to help protect your IRIS Identity account, including password policies, multi-factor authentication, and the use of machine learning to detect unusual behaviour at login time.

We work with industry specialists to maintain a blacklist of suspicious IP addresses and we email you as soon as we detect anything unusual or whenever anyone attempts to change your email address or password.

Please inform us immediately if you believe your account has been compromised.

Logging in

You should always log-in via one of our supported products. Logging in takes you to IRIS Identity, then redirected back to the application once you've successfully logged in.

If you’ve bookmarked or directly navigated to, you can still log in, but the system won't know which application to send you to, so you are taken to the IRIS home page instead.

Locked accounts

Sometimes, you can get locked out of your account. This might happen if a password is entered incorrectly several times in a row, or if we notice unsuccessful login attempts from suspicious devices or IP addresses. Locked accounts unlock after 30 minutes.

If you receive an email telling you your account is locked and you haven’t been trying to log in, it's possible that someone else has attempted to gain access to your account by guessing your password. Report this as suspicious activity immediately using the link in the received email.