Your implementation of Cascade

Getting started with IRIS Cascade? Here are some helpful documents that will help your implementation.

Detail Guide
Learn how to implement IRIS Cascade for your business. IRIS Cascade implementation guide
Learn what happens during an IRIS Cascade implementation. IRIS Cascade implementation timeline
Learn how to use our HR data template. IRIS Cascade HR data template guide
Best practices and tips for setting up your HR data templates. IRIS Cascade HR data template tips
Find out more about the HR system set up and how it affects IRIS Cascade Payroll. IRIS Cascade HR system guide
Learn how to implement IRIS Cascade Workflow, with planning steps and examples. IRIS Cascade Workflow planning and examples
Check through a list of important tasks for your IRIS Cascade Payroll preparation. IRIS Cascade Payroll preparation checklist
Learn how to use the Auto Enrolment data template. IRIS Cascade Auto Enrolment user guide
Learn more about the work email address field. IRIS Cascade work email address guide