User Preferences

LA Super UserLA User

User preferences, such as notifications and two-factor authentication methods, can be set to allow each user to personalise IRIS Looked After Call to meet their individual needs.

The preferences you can manage are determined by your User Role.

From the top menu, go to the icon that displays your initials, then select the Alert Subscriptions or 2 Factor authentication tab.

Alert Subscriptions

Manage your notifications for messages, personal education plans updates, and changes student details.

Select how you want to receive notifications, then select or clear the options for the notifications you want to receive.

A Designated Teacher or Social Worker can select how they want to receive notifications. If you are a Designated Teacher or Social Worker, contact your Virtual School Administrator to update the options you receive notifications for.

The Social Worker and Virtual School Head have an ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to a variety of alerts relating to unread messages, PEP data, and when a student details are updated.

The Virtual School Head can manage notification settings for other users, for more information, go to Edit Users.

PEP notifications are only displayed as an option for users with the role LA.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication for IRIS Looked After Call is optional, but we recommend switching it on for security.

  1. Download Google Authenticator from your device app store and follow the instructions.
  2. To get the barcode required for the app, in IRIS Looked After Call, select Create QR Code.
  3. Scan the barcode to link your account, in Verification Token enter the LookedAfterCall code (6 digits) displayed in the app, then select Verify code.

Each time you log in to IRIS Looked After Call, when you have logged in, then enter the code from the Google Authenticator app.

If you no longer want to use two-factor authentication, select Disable 2FA.