Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT (IRIS KashFlow Partners)

In order to sign up your UK VAT registered clients for Making Tax Digital for VAT, you must do the following:

HMRC have announced, from Thursday 24 November 2022 all businesses, unless exempt or have applied for exemption, will be automatically signed up to MTD.
From 24th Nov. 2022 onwards users can enter their Government Gateway credentials in IRIS KashFlow to be successfully authenticated, enable retrieving obligations and start making submissions without having to perform the separate step of signing up to MTD via
Agents will still need to be authorised to make submissions on behalf of their clients.

In IRIS KashFlow Connect

If you haven't already, you will need to your IRIS KashFlow Connect account to HMRC.

  1. From the VAT menu, select Connect to MTD.

  2. From the Government Gateway website, enter your Government Gateway user ID and password.

  3. When prompted, grant authority for IRIS KashFlow to interact with HMRC.

  4. You will return to IRIS KashFlow Connect. Any UK VAT registered clients that you have signed up will be listed. You can now submit your client (s) VAT return via MTD via IRIS KashFlow Connect or IRIS KashFlow. If you have more than one client, you also make multiple VAT submissions via Bulk VAT submissions.

Our MTD Setup Guide for Agents will help guide you through the steps which must be completed on the HMRC website. You may also wish to refer to this HMRC step by step guide.

Videos are also available on the HMRC help and support page.