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Optimise your sales, grow your business and become digitally connected with these apps that integrate with IRIS Elements Cashbook:

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IRIS Accounts Production IRIS IRIS Accounts Production software makes your final accounts preparation an automated and fast task, freeing up your time for higher value work.

The integration with IRIS Elements Cashbook allows you to import your trial balance into the posting screen within Accounts Production allowing you to automatically create draft accounts for review and final accounts for signature – including filleted and abridged accounts.
How to import a trial balance from IRIS KashFlow into Accounts Production
IRIS Elements - Tax and Accounts IRIS IRIS Elements Tax and Accounts allows you to file accounts and tax returns direct to Companies House and HMRC.

Flexible and scalable accounting software in the cloud – including Personal, Partnership, Trust and Corporation Tax as well as Accounts Production. Taxfiler by IRIS has been incorporated into IRIS Elements and is now IRIS Elements Tax and Accounts.

The integration with IRIS Elements Cashbook allows you to import your Trial Balance into Taxfiler/ IRIS Elements Tax and Accounts
Import data from KashFlow
IRIS Elements - Financial Performance Review IRIS IRIS Elements Financial Performance Review (FPR) builds upon IRIS Accounts Production data, allowing access to advisory enabling information from anywhere. Critical business KPI’s at available at your fingertips on a single screen that you can either share with your client on screen or via a PDF report.

A cloud-based 5 year Financial Reporting Review that creates an engaging graphical dashboard in minutes to help you walk your clients through their key business KPIs and drill down into the detail behind them.
Financial Performance Review
IRIS IRIS Elements, an end-to-end, integrated, MTD-ready cloud accounting solution delivering consistency and accuracy across all of your products through one client list.

For sole practitioners, small accountancy practices and bookkeepers today, with market leading solutions and functionality for medium and larger practices in the future.
coming soon
IRIS Staffology Payroll integrates with IRIS Elements Cashbook so you can benefit from greater efficiency and reduce the time and frustration of operating repetitive or manual tasks.

The integration allows you to automate journal entries. We take away the complications so you can focus on your business.
IRIS A streamlined and comprehensive approach to payroll software. Manage everything from employee payslips to workplace pensions in a couple of clicks. It’s cloud-based payroll too, which means you can access it anywhere.

IRIS KashFlow Payroll is HMRC recognised and RTI compliant and is a great fit for small businesses
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IRIS Formerly known as ViaPost. cloudPOST is an innovative new service that allows businesses to send physical post to any UK address.

Although IRIS Elements Cashbook makes it very easy to send out invoices using email some customers insist on receiving a hard-copy in the post, other documents such as reminder letters are often more effective when sent by post instead of email.

For these reasons we’ve partnered with cloudSMART to make sending physical documents in the post just as easy as sending an email.
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Other Dropbox is a cloud service that allows you to store files online so that you can access them anywhere, and on any device that has an internet connection.

IRIS Elements Cashbook integrates with Dropbox so that you can attach files to your customer and supplier records, and upload invoices, purchase orders and receipts.
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IRIS The market leading invoice payment solution. IRIS Pay seamlessly integrates with IRIS Elements Cashbook. It’s easy to request, then collect payments from your customers and automatically create an invoice.
No set up costs and no monthly fees.
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Other payment solutions including GoCardless. IRIS IRIS Elements Cashbook connects with a many well-known payment solutions so you can accept payments online, quickly and securely. Find out more
Job Management Job management software to optimise your field service. Cut unnecessary paperwork, get more done and increase your quality.

Integrate IRIS Elements Cashbook with Simon’s job management software so you can work immediately faster, easier offering you a clear solution to digitize your work processes. So you can save time, money and increase your quality immediately.
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Job Management Commusoft's Jobs solution is designed to help any size company complete more jobs per day, provide high-quality customer service, and ensure accurate and fast invoicing. The IRIS Elements Cashbook integration is designed to streamline every aspect of your jobs, sales, and communications. Find out more


About the technical integration

Job Management Okappy is an easy to use job management app available on all devices. Add or receive jobs, allocate them to your employees or subcontractors then watch their status change in real-time as the jobs are updated in the field.

Raise your invoices at the click of a button as soon as your jobs are complete. No more missing paperwork, no more lost or incorrect invoices and no more stress and anxiety trying to find out what is happening with your jobs.
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Receipt Capture IRIS Snap fully integrates with IRIS Elements Cashbook to provide accountants and their clients with a web or mobile app-led service to enable their clients to simply take photos of their business records.

The service removes the need for manual data entry for both small businesses and accountants, improving the accuracy of records and reducing the time spent by accountants chasing incomplete records.
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Receipt Capture Using the integration feature between Dext Prepare and IRIS Elements Cashbook allows you to streamline your bookkeeping software, saving you more time and money.

Publish your receipts and invoices, with the data extracted, directly into the purchases section of IRIS Elements Cashbook.
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Receipt Capture A fast way to capture, categorise and publish financial documents through to IRIS Elements Cashbook. Find out more
CRM Integrating IRIS Elements Cashbook with Really Simple Systems CRM makes running a small business easy, without needing any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge.

IRIS Elements Cashbook integration with your CRM means you can create invoices and quotations directly from your CRM Opportunities.
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eCommerce Integrate marketplaces, web stores, couriers, accounting systems and electronic points of sale. ChannelGrabber offers an integration with IRIS Elements Cashbook allows new customer records and invoices to be created in IRIS Elements Cashbook automatically for each order that is imported into ChannelGrabber from your channels. Find out more
Finance Money Mover provides transparent, secure and low-cost international payments for businesses and individuals.

Money Mover and IRIS Elements Cashbook have teamed up to assist users to make fast, secure and low-cost international payments and to transfer funds between their currency accounts.

We're offering all IRIS Elements Cashbook users a free first payment up to £10,000 or 50% off fees on a payment over £10,000.
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Finance Hassle-free expense care management. The low costs alternative to Credit Cards Special IRIS Elements Cashbook Offer: First Year's Annual Fee Refunded. Find out more
Other Web Hosting Automation made easy. WHMCS takes care of automating things so you don't have to, saving you valuable time and money such as creating paid invoices in IRIS Elements Cashbook as well as clients. Find out more

  Financial Management comprises the discipline of ensuring that the IT infrastructure is obtained at the most effective price (which does not necessarily mean cheapest) and calculating the cost of providing IT services so that an organisation can understand the costs of its IT services.

Items advanced costing analysis with AVCO, FIFO stock control, labour time, service costs, billing, charge rate, contract, combination billing, recurring items, and much more with NetHelpDesk's (now rebranded to HALOITSM) built-in extensive Billing module, that integrates with IRIS Elements Cashbook.
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Other Send & sign anywhere, on any device! We ensure that your online signatures will work regardless of if you’re using a Mac or PC or for that matter smartphone or tablet. Find out more
Other Zynk Workflow is a business automation and data integration platform with over 80 different business applications for integrating and automating your Ecommerce, CRM, Databases and other line of business software applications.

The platform enables you to create Workflows that match your exact business processes and use off the shelf or custom mappings between systems.
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Other Zapier empowers you to automate your work across 5,000+ apps, s you can move forward, faster. Connect IRIS Elements Cashbook to these apps and automate workflows. Find out more
Other Integrate IRIS Elements Cashbook with 1000+ apps in 1 Click. All you need to do is select automation and activate it. That’s it. Find out more
Other Workload lets you connect IRIS Elements Cashbook with 100's of the most popular business apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. Find out more
Finance Finance your business and manage cashflow in one platform Close cashflow gaps. Unlock cash from unpaid invoices, with flexible invoice financing.

Get a cash advance on multiple or single invoices, with optional bad debt protection and quick approval.
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eCommerce Import your orders, POS, refunds, customers, payment fees and products into IRIS Elements Cashbook seamlessly. Multiple Stores? No problem. Connect multiple Shopify stores to a single IRIS Elements Cashbook organisation. This integration - the original, longest running and time-tested Shopify-KashFlow connector. Find out more
eCommerce Multi-Channel IRIS Elements Cashbook Integration Connect IRIS Elements Cashbook with your sales channels and make managing your invoices a breeze. Find out more
Other With TallyPro the power is in your hands. Now you can analyse data with powerful reporting capabilities, performance monitoring, full integration to generate invoices automatically and timely. Find out more
Other Dijitul Web Development offers an integration with Opencart and Magento that allows you to automatically create customers and invoices on a payment being accepted. Find out more
Other Firebear Studio offers an integration designed to help you connect your Magento 2 website to IRIS Elements Cashbook in a matter of minutes. And you can achieve this goal without a single line of code! Find out more
Other SourceForce allows you to connect to 36 well know apps such as ProWorkflow, HaloPSA, HalolTSM, Salesforce, and others. Find out more
Other Pelican Computing offers an integration with Simply Aquaria Ltd and MyCake Ltd. Find out more
Other Automatically import sales from your online stores into your IRIS Elements Cashbook account. carrytheone integrates your online shop seamlessly with IRIS Elements Cashbook to import orders in real time.

Here are just a few of the benefits & features of our integration: Works with Shopify, Magento v2/v1, BigCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, osCommerce and Salesforce.
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Other Codeless Platforms has integrations with eCommerce platforms, Courier services e.g. DPD, CRM applications and more. Find out more
Other Rixxo has an integration with Shopify. Find out more
Other Run your tree surgery business in the cloud with Arb Pro. Connect directly to your bank account so when your clients pay their invoices directly into your account, the payment is automatically updated as paid in IRIS Elements Cashbook. Find out more
CRM An online form builder for Lead Generation. Easily create LeadGen forms and connect your leads with IRIS Elements Cashbook. Find out more
CRM Bespoke CRM services that allows you to track client / prospect data. Find out more