How to install PC Share Register Plus


PC Share Register Plus is a server-based application. You must therefore install PC Share Register Plus directly on a network server in the same way as you would on a standalone system. You can then run the installation on each workstation and select the Network Workstation option when asked to select the installation type. This will create a shortcut on the local workstation.


Network installations (multiple PCs accessing a central program location)

It is no longer possible to update PTP PC Share Register Plus software from any PC on your network. The new installer which provides a more robust, controlled and secure installation will only allow the installation to take place on the central machine (server or PC) where the database resides.  

If your network is slow, for example, Wide Area Network, you may wish to install the programs on the local hard disk and access only the data over the network. In this case, do not manually create shortcuts on the workstation, but for each workstation, run the installer and specify a local folder for the programs and specify the mapped network folder where the data is located.

Having programs open during installation can cause problems. Please ensure that all PTP programs are closed on all workstations before you start.


Quick guide

  1. Select the PC Share Register Plus link on the Software Downloads webpage.

  2. After the installation open the PC Share Register Plus program and enter your registration details.

Detailed guide

From the list of programs on the page select PC Share Register Plus. You can then follow the on screen Installation Wizard.

The Installation Wizard will ask you to specify the type of installation you require. If you are installing for the first time or as an update, select Complete/Update. The Wizard will then guide you through the rest of the installation process.



To start PC Share Register Plus, click Start, All Programs, PC Share Register Plus, and PC Share Register Plus. To licence your software, click on File and Subscription Details and enter the information EXACTLY as shown on the Licence Details document. Click OK and exit and re-start the program.

Installing on a network

Quick guide

  1. The program needs to be installed on the server.

  2. The installation needs to be run on each workstation selecting Network Workstation as the installation type.

  3. The program needs to be registered on one workstation.