How to correct a timesheet posting which has been applied to the ledger


If a posting is added to a timesheet and the timesheet is applied to the ledger and you find you need to change this, you will need to make a correction posting.


To post the correction:

  1. From the IRIS main menu, open IRIS Time.

  2. Click Post WIP, Timesheets and enter the Staff ID.

  3. Highlight the timesheet and click View.

  4. Click Corrections in the bottom right-hand corner.


  1. Click Post Corr.

  2. Select the Period you want to post the correction into by clicking the magnifying glass | highlight appropriate period and click Select.  You can only post to periods which are not closed.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Enter Client, Job, Staff ID, Work Type and Date/Time.

  5. Choose Debit or Credit (Debit postings will increase WIP and Credit postings will reduce WIP),

  6. Click Post.



Update Ledger

For the correction posting to show on reports it needs to be applied to the ledger:

  1. Open IRIS Time.

  2. Click Pending Queue.

  3. Select Update Ledger.

  4. Select Other Postings.

  5. Enter the date range for the postings which you want to update.

  6. Click OK.