Fees Ledger Matching

Once payment has been received, written off or a credit note has been raised against an invoice posted in the Fees Ledger they need to be matched so they are no longer reported as outstanding on the client account.


Click here for the reference for Fees Ledger matching.


To manually match or unmatch postings within the Fees Ledger:

  1. Enter the Fees Ledger.

  2. Click Postings.

  3. Click Matching.

  4. Select the period for Matching (if you have a periods open for reconciliation and current).

The Fees Ledger Manual Matching Screen will be displayed. To manually match or unmatch a clients postings:



Type the client identifier in the field selected, or select the client using the magnifying glass.


Candidate postings to match

The clients postings can be filter by credit or debit items, and by matched and unmatched items.


Credit and Debits 

Select CR items to show the credit postings. This may include receipts, credit notes, write offs and miscellaneous credits.


Select DR items to show Debit postings made to the client. This may include invoices, refunds and miscellaneous debits


Unmatched only or all postings 

To only show outstanding postings for the client select the unmatched only option.

This will show items that have not yet been matched.

To display all postings made to the client select the all postings option.


Fees Matching Window

Displayed within the Fees Matching window are the Fees Postings, as defined by the candidate postings to match option above. For example, this window can display unmatched only postings and just DR items if required.


For each posting the follow details are provided:



Displayed is the posting date of the posting. For example, 6/12/2003.



Displayed is the type of posting. For example, O/B for opening balance, INV for invoice, Rec for receipt.



References entered against postings will be displayed. For example, INV0001 for the first invoice.


Cross Reference 

If you are matching by cross reference.



Displayed is the debit value of the postings. Items with debit values include invoices, refunds and miscellaneous debits.



Displayed is the credit value of the postings. Items with credit values include receipts, credit notes, write off, standing orders, opening balances and miscellaneous posting.



The this column shows the value of the posting matched in this session of matching.

Once the update date button is pressed the values will be returned to zero as the current matching session has ended.


 For example, if a receipt of £800 is fully matched to an invoice of £1000, then 800 will show within the 'this' column. When the update button is pressed then this column will return to 0.



The unmatched column displays the value of the posting that has not yet been matched.

For example, if an invoice for £1000 is posted and this has not been matched to any receipts or credit notes, then the unmatched column may still show £1000.


Fees Manual Matching Buttons

The following buttons are available for matching and unmatching fees postings.



To match a Fees positing highlight the required posting and click Match.

For example, to match an invoice to a receipt highlight the invoice and click Match.


The receipts can then be matched against the invoice from within the Match Fees Ledger postings. Click here for the Match Fees Ledger posting help topic.



To unmatch a Fees posting highlight the required posting and click Unmatch. For example, if a receipt has been matched against an incorrect invoice, highlight the receipt and click on unmatch.

The invoice can then be unmatched using the Unmatch Fees ledger posting. Click here for the Unmatch Fees Ledger Posting help topic.



Once postings have been matched or unmatched click on the update button to confirm the matching changes.


The View option can be used to view addition details of a selected posting for the client. For example, to view more details of an invoice highlight the invoice and click on view.



Click on cancel to exit the Fees Manual matching screen