How to install IRIS Accountancy Suite on Terminal Servers (11.9 onwards)


IRIS has created a downloadable installer that will configure the local programs for you. Please download the file from here and save it into your IRIS folder.


This topic explains the process of installing the IRIS Accountancy Suite on Terminal Server environments.

  1. Browse to the shared IRIS folder (for example, \\servername\IRIS) and run the AdvLocalProgSetup.exe file.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Click Next again.

  2. If you fail the 3rd test, open Task Manager and end the process called msiexec.exe)

  1. Next again.

  1. Select the location where the program files are to be installed and the required desktop icons. The remote system install settings can be checked at this point.

  1. Make sure all tests have passed and click Next.

  1. Click Install.

  1. Click Finish to complete installation.


Once completed please ensure you give the everyone group full control.


To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to C:\IRIS

  2. Right-click the IRIS folder and select the Security tab.

  3. Click Edit then Add.

  4. In the Enter the object names box, type Everyone.

  5. Click OK and select the Full control option under Allow.

  6. Click Apply and OK, then OK again.