Branding and Customising the OpenSpace Portal


IRIS OpenSpace can be fully branded with the practice’s logo, colours and other information such as SMTP server and website integration.


General details

Logo & Colours

SMTP Settings

Email general

Email templates

Enquiry forms




To access the customisation menu:

  1. Click Settings and Customisation. A set of tabs will then display on the left-hand side of the screen. The first of these is General Details.



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General details

Portal Name - input the name for your client portal, this will be used in the title bar of the browser and instead of the IRIS Logo if one is not uploaded.

URL Type - select from either a sub domain of domain or External Website.

URL - input your chosen sub domain or external website URL.


Log Out Return URL - this is the URL that a client will be sent back to after they log out of IRIS OpenSpace.

Custom Folder - the unique reference for any customised CSS.


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Logo & Colours

Practice Logo - upload an image of the practice logo to replace the IRIS logo on the login screen and in the footer bar. You can also replace the IRIS logo for clients who login via your chosen Sub-Domain (see General Details) the IRIS Logo is replaced there as well. We recommend an image that is 348 pixels high and 66 pixels wide to get the optimum presentation of the logo.

Browser Icon - upload a FAV icon to replace the IRIS icon. This is the icon the client’s browser will display when they bookmark/favourite the portal.

Show Header Bar Logo - this will place the practice logo at the top of the application instead of in the footer bar, when clicked this will display a small business card with practice contact details taken from the Settings tab.

Desktop Colours - change the colours of IRIS OpenSpace to match the practice branding, this section specifically deals with what users on desktop/laptop computers will see.  You can change the colour of additional items by creating a CSS file to upload into the advanced section. A sample CSS file can be downloaded from the IRIS OpenSpace Branding Guide page.

Mobile Colours - this section specifically deals with the colour scheme of IRIS OpenSpace when clients login on a mobile device.

Advanced - advanced is not supported by IRIS; it allows a website developer to fully customise all aspects of IRIS OpenSpace. This should not be carried out as part of the setup process.

Status - set to Live to turn on customisations; if set to Disabled then IRIS OpenSpace will use the standard IRIS branding and logo.


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SMTP Settings

To send the IRIS OpenSpace email notifications from a practice email domain complete the SMTP Settings section with the customer’s email server details:

Server - enter the address of outbound email server, for example,

Port - enter the port number required by the outbound email server, for example, 25.

Enable SSL - select Enable SSL if email server operates through a secure port.

Username - enter the username for the email address that will be put into the From Address.

Password - input the relevant password.

From Address - enter the reply address that the emails show as coming from.

Status - set to Live when you have confirmed the SMTP settings are correct.

Send Test Email  - click Send Test Email to send a test message to practice email address.

If you need to 'white list' the IRIS OpenSpace IP addresses on the email server to allow email notifications to come through, please add the following: and


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Email General

You can tailor the setup of the email notifications, including altering the wording, layout and information held within the notifications.


Custom Disclaimer - enter the practice email disclaimer here, this email disclaimer is appended to all email messages sent by IRIS OpenSpace.  When messages are sent using the practice SMTP server the standard IRIS disclaimer is removed.

Email Header - upload image to go at the top of each email notification; the recommended size is 820 pixels to avoid image being displayed incorrectly with a height of 110 pixels.

Email Footer - upload image to go at the bottom of each email notification; the recommended size is 820 pixels to avoid image being displayed incorrectly with a height of 90 pixels.

Status - set to Live when you have confirmed the SMTP settings are correct.

The IRIS image(s) will be displayed in all email notifications unless they are both replaced, a blank image is supplied in the Sample Files.


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Email Templates

The content automated emails generated by IRIS OpenSpace can be edited in the Email Templates section:


Template - select the email that you want to edit. A description of the template is displayed on the right hand side of the drop-down.

Email Tags - available tags for the selected template can be added to the subject and body of the email notification.

Subject - change the subject line of the selected email notification.

Message Body - edit the contents of the selected email notification with a WYSIWYG editor.

Send Test Email - send a sample of the edited email to your email address prior to saving.

Reset to Default - undo your changes and revert to the standard template.

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Enquiry Forms

OpenSpace can also embed a website enquiry form into your website to capture enquiries from potential clients. These enquiries will then appear on their OpenSpace dashboard under ‘Website Enquiries’.

As with the login code option, simply copy and paste the HTML code provided into their website to enable the functionality. This should be provided to the web developer for correct formatting if the site is not maintained by IRIS.

Login Code

You can add a login box onto their website, using code provided within the customisation area within OpenSpace. This comes in HTML format and should be provided to their web developer to add. To find the code go to settings, customisation, login code.

If your website is provided by IRIS, this comes as part of their service.



When a document is uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace for approval, the system will insert a coversheet. If you would like to use the practice logo on this coversheet, they simply need to set this option to ‘Live’.



What’s New

When new features are added to OpenSpace, this will be displayed to the customer in the form of a pop up message. You have the option to disable this both for staff and clients, simply by checking the boxes provided.

For more information click here.


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