Uploading documents to IRIS OpenSpace from IRIS Guide 2

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Setting up IRIS for OpenSpace

  1. Log in to IRIS, System Maintenance, Staff, Staff Maintenance.

  2. Highlight your staff login from the list, View, Basic tab.

  3. Enter IRIS OpenSpace Username and Password and click Save.


Check your 1GB of Free Space has activated

  1. Log in to OpenSpace, Subscription, Your Subscription.

Uploading from IRIS to your IRIS OpenSpace client

To avoid duplicate clients being created, remove any IRIS clients manually created because when you upload a document from IRIS it will save to the client it created automatically.

  1. Accounts Production, Reports, Select Report,.

  2. Tick PDF and/or Word processor and select Upload.


An Uploading complete box displays when the file has successfully uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace from IRIS (see example below):